Surf n Ski 2015 - Day 8 - 9

Well, our time at Apex is finished but not without one last day of awesome fun. We started our morning with a quick 60 minute hoot down the mountain on our skis and snowboards before we had a brilliant session in the tubing park. Sliding down the mountain in groups of up to five in inflated truck tubes was great fun with groups attempting to slide the fastest and furthest. We then hopped back on our skis and boards for our last few hours of downhilling before our final dinner and evening at Apex.

We then grabbed an early morning bus back to Vancouver for some last minute Canadian shopping and dinner before we fly to LA tomorrow. The scenery on our long journey was awesome. You never expect to see fruit orchards surrounded by snow and towering mountains but there they were.

Looking forward to some warmer weather and heaps more fun when we arrive in LA.